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Guest Post

 How it works?

You need to write an authentic post for our site. If the post adheres to the rules stated below, your post would be published and after that, you would be paid depending on the number of posts published by you per month and the number of views each post gets.

Minimum Criteria for post approval

✔ Post must be genuine.
✔ Title must be there.
✔ If references are used they must be mentioned.
✔ Post shouldn't refer a political side or any ambiguous issue.
✔ Post must be on blogger tech, movies, tutorials or gaming.
✔ Post mustn't support or disrespect any community.
✔ It is mandatory to use post breaks </hr> for long posts.
✔ The post shouldn't be copied from any website.
✔ The post may have author name and his website as citation.

Want to receive bonus payment?
Grab your pen for a good post and you would receive 20% bonus payment for writing posts.
Oops! Offer Ended.
You are so late reaching here.
00 Days
00 Hours
00 Minutes
00 Seconds
Write now!

Payment System

✔ 1K VIEWS : 180 + BONUS 20
✔ 2K VIEWS : 240 + BONUS 40
✔ 5K VIEWS : 400 + BONUS 60
✔ 8K VIEWS : 480 + BONUS 80
✔ 10K VIEWS : 500 + BONUS 100

Bonuses are for small time. Grab them immediately. The payment system actually calculates the total number of views you got by many posts within a year. For payment, refer to telegram.

Note : Please note that your guest post file extension must be in .TXT
format other formats will not be accepted otherwise your guest post will be disapproved.

Sending a Guest Post

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